New Website – $249

If you are in the market to get your business identity plugged into the world wide web it all starts with a strong website. The type of website you need depends on your business. Some businesses require nothing more than an “online business card” with a one to three pages. We can design you a business card website for $249! If your business grows or you want to add a new aspect to it, such as e-Commerce, we can do that too.


Website Update or Redesign – $249+

Maybe your website is simply out of date. If that’s the case we can redesign and update your website so that it is up to the current design standards. This includes adding features such as mobile device compatibility, social media integration, search engine optimization and more.


Website Maintenance – $10–$749 per month

Websites do not run themselves. They need to be updated, tweaked and monitored. The last thing you need is for your website to crash and not have the ability to get it back up and running. B.C. Web Design can make sure that your site stays up and running by keeping it up up to date as well as keeping it on par with the most current design, functionality features and protection.


Social Media Management or Marketing

If your business prospers from word-of-mouth then you should consider putting Social Media to work for you. These days, Social Media is the life blood of word-of-mouth businesses. We design Social Media pages on multiple platforms including Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. We can integrate all of your pages with your website as well as insure business directories such as Yelp are designed correctly and operating up to and beyond the current standards necessary for success.


Advertising Campaign Creation and Marketing

Have you ever advertised with Living Social, Groupon or Adwords? We can help you harness the power of Social Media advertising campaigns using  multiple platforms such as Living Social, Groupon, Adwords, Facebook Campaigns, etc. Such campaigns can be an excellent return on investment, especially when expertly crafted and properly implemented.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It’s how you get found! Your website can have all the bells and whistles, but if the content is not properly optimized then its simply a bunch of pretty noise. We design optimization into all new websites that we create as well as the Social Media pages we design. Business Card Web Design can also take your existing website or Social Media pages and optimize them so that you get the web traffic that you deserve.



Our copywriters have written thousands and thousands of SEO blogs, posts and advertising copy. We can put our writers to work for you doing anything from a few articles to weekly blog and social media posts. Knowing how to write excellent copy is only half the battle. Our writers are also trained in posting etiquette, understanding such nuisances as exactly when to post specific pieces in order to harness the most eyeballs.


Logo Design and Branding

If you do not yet have a logo or your brand nailed down, we can help there too. No idea is too small or too big. Send us your vision and our team can put together several options for you to choose from. We will not stop until we have your image perfected and you have a brand you are proud of.